eScrip and Safeway

3ways_squareeScrip (and Safeway and Macy’s)

This is one of our biggest fundraisers, and has the benefit of being one of our easiest. We are on a pace to raise over $2500/year with this program alone! Safeway uses eScrip.

If you use a credit or debit card for any purchases, why not have a percentage of the sales come back to the school? It is completely safe – we’ve been using the system since 2002!

Here’s how:

  • Our group number is 6523780.

Register all your cards with your Safeway, credit, debit, and Macy’s cards all generate money once you’ve registered them. A complete list is on the site.

You can even register your Target VISA card on this site and the school will get a double-dip!

Want us to link your Safeway card for you?

We’d like it if you registered all your cards with eScrip, but we’ll happily link your Safeway card for you. Just provide us with your Safeway club card number and your email address and we’ll do the rest. Send the info to please. (If you don’t remember your Safeway Club Card number call 877-SAFEWAY for help in retrieving it.)

It’s Easy to Renew

If you participated last year, don’t forget to renew to continue earning Safeway contributions.

  1. Have your Safeway Club Card number available
  2. Visit
  3. Click on YES RENEW!

For uninterrupted contributions, renew annually by November 1.

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